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  • Outsourcing: your goals are ours
  • Management and maintenance along your specific requirements
  • Equipment sale and rental, to provide you with the best technologies at your convenience


  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Data Center Migration
  • Voice and Video over IP
What we have achieved for our clients:

VoIP Fondazione Roma Terzo Settore
VoIP - Fondazione Roma Terzo Settore

Client: Fondazione Roma Terzo Settore / Non Profit Organization
Goal: To renew the telephony system on the occasion of a change of office.
Technology: Digium SwitchVox, mobile gateway, ISDN gateway
Achievement: cost reduction of 70% of previous expense, on average, improvement in call handling and introdution of the digital assistant.

Outsourcing Eurogroup Consulting
Outsourcing - Eurogroup Consulting

Client: Eurogroup Consulting / Private Sector, Consultancy
Goal: To enhance the performance of the information system amd allow for optimal management of the resources, accomodating the evolution of the business.
Stategy: We switched the client from owning the equipment to renting it and intoduced cloud solutions for messaging and collaboration (a mix of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365). We gradually absorbed the full responsibility of all ICT operations, including those related to mobile devices.
Achievement: within the same budget envelope of past years, Eurogroup Consulting could enjoy a wider range of services and a more effective support to its staff, wherever located.
Spending cash flow has become more predictable and regular.
The involvemente of the Directors of Eurogroup Consulting in ICT matters has been drastically reduced and became focused on key choices.

Outsourcing Anello & Partners
Outsourcing - Anello & Partners

Client: Studio Legale e Tributario Anello & Partners / Private Sector, Law Firm
Goal: To provide a reliable and productive work environment and to exploit the competitive advantage granted by an always up to date informations system, with minimum involvement on the part of the partners.
Stategy: a Client of ICOA for the past twenty years, more than half of which in regime of full outsourcing, the law firm has been led through successive stages of technological advancement and has been an early adopter of remote access, terminal services and, later, cloud based solutions.
Achievement: Almost uninterrupted operation enjoying the benefits of telecommuting and mobile working ahead of the competition.
Proportionate, predictable and regular spending flow and simplified accounting and administration.
Among the fist law firms in Italy to be on the Internet, the Studio Anello could secure a privileged domain name, of sizeable value.

Virtualization IVU Traffic Technologies
Virtualization - IVU Traffic Technologies

Client: IVU Traffic Technologies / Private Sector, Multinational
Goal: To improve the usage of hardware resources, increase the flexibility of the software development environement, and to replicate IVU’s Clients’ operating conditions.
Technology: VMware, Dell rack mount and blade servers, Dell PowerVault and Equallogic storage.
Achievement: a flexible, compact and efficient data center that could sustain the rapid growth of the company and could perfectly integrate with Berlin headquarters’ systems.

Cloud Computing Aqua Marcia Hotels
Cloud Computing - Aqua Marcia Hotels
Cloud Computing

Client: Acqua Marcia Hotels / Private Sector, Turism
Goal: To replace the aging e-mail system based on Microsoft Exchange software.
Technology: Google Apps for Business
Achievement: More functions and performance, much better service continuity, drastic reduction on licensing, maintenance,management and Internet connection costs.

Management/maintenance Selex Galileo
Management/maintenance - Selex Galileo
Management & Maintenance

Client: Selex Galileo / Private Sector, belonging to one of Italy’s prominent business groups (Finmeccanica), Avionics
Goal: To supply constant support and to ensure the continuous operation of several corporate sites in the Rome area and in central Italy, employing several hundreds units as a whole; to supplement the internal staff and provide specific assistance for the space telemetry project ‘Aladin’.
Stategy: the deployment of a dedicated team, working full time at the Client’s sites, which can tap on the skills and experience of the whole staff of ICOA in case of need.
Achievement: Full integration with the Client’s staff, with the development of a fruitful, long lasting and organic partnership.

Management/maintenance Api Petroli
Management/maintenance - Api Petroli
Management & Maintenance

Client: API Petroli / Private Sector, Oil Company
Goal: replacement of about one thousand PC based located in tens of offices around Italy. The operation consisted in installing new hardware and software and trasfering the data.
Stategy: the operations have been carried out with minimal involvement of external resources, with great care to reduce disruption of the Client’s activities, and by working in parallel as much as possible to reduce times.
Achievement: the whole upgrade process has been completed swiftly and with minimum disturbance on the Client’s part, notwithstanding the great variety of real world situations encountered.

Data Center migration Dicofarm
Data Center migration - Dicofarm
Data Center Migration

Client: Dicofarm / Private Sector, Pharmaceutical
Goal: To host a network of servers running Microsoft Exchange, BlackBerry BES and Blue CRM software to support a mostly mobile workforce.
Technology: Fully virtualized architecture, for server and storage, using VMware and running on blade servers and Equallogic SAN.
Achievement: Better performance, higher continuity and lower overall costs compared to the alternative on premises, bare iron solution.