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Our designs are driven by the needs and the expectations of our Clients.
We value open technologies, that allow freedom and indipendance at all levels, and we care about standards and compatibility but we don’t compromise on the results.

Our talented professionals, be them designers, developers, enineers or marketing experts are on the cutting edge of their respective fields and operate along the lines of best practices.


  • Hosting & Housing
  • Audio / Video streaming
  • Registration, mantainement and management of domain names
  • Web Marketing
  • Software development
  • Web Design, including content creation
What we have achieved for our clients:

Design/Marketing Bindagroup
Design/Marketing - Bindagroup
Web Design & Web Marketing

Client: Binda Group / Private Sector, Fashion
Goal: To estabilish an engaging on line presence, exposing the various brands to the widest relevant public. To amplify on the web the company’s advertising and communication.
We are involved in a constant activity involving content management, marketing initiative and frequent graphic make overs.
Mobile devices have been specifically supported from the outset of this project and, with time, they have become more and more crucial to its overall success.
Technology: custom made Content Management System that allows for broad compatibility with the majority of browsers and devices. Sophisticted conditional logic and content adaptation mechanisms are ingrained in the software. Creation/Post Production of multimedia contents, including videos. SEO/SEM activities, social marketing, management of the newsletters, mailing lists and Google Adwords campaigns.
Achievement: A perfectly orchestrated strategy that fulfills the Client’s expectations and which leverages the expanding role of mobile devices.
Notable success in search engine positioning: the web site WWW.HIPHOPWATCHES.IT is the first listing in Italy for the query ‘hip hop’, over one hundred millions references from

Design/E Commerce
Design/E-Commerce - Kronoshop
Software Development

Client: / Private sector, e-commerce website of watches, jewelry and accessories.
Goal: To transfer the old e-commerce website on a new highly performing platform, to improve the loading speed, the usability on all devices and the backend management.
Technology: Last generation e-commerce platform made by ICOA. The platform is fully customizable and built with the best and latest technologies, it guarantees a full compatibility with all browsers and devices. The e-commerce is also integrated with SEO tools, online advertising, payment methods, social networks and marketplaces. The mobile version of the website is developed following the Google Material Design guidelines.
Achievement: A brand new website, responsive on all devices, with an appealing design. The new platform improved the site speed, the backend management and the SERP positioning, all those progresses led to Kronoshop the expected results.

Software Development Studio Amministrativisti
Software Development - Studio Amministrativisti
Software Development

Client: Studio Amministrativisti / Private Sector, Law Firm
Goal: To coordinate the firm’s activities, to manage the documents’ flow and archival, and to help redact the invoices and the reports for internal use and for the firm’s Clients.
Technology: We developend a custom, web based software, with a PHP / MySQL backend a HTML / AJAX front end. We also made use of Google services and provided integration with the Google Apps. The software and the database are hosted and managed on ICOA’s servers.
Achievement: This software has become an essential tool, available always and everywhere and fully secure.
In practical terms, it has made administration and accounting easier, reduced the margin of error (expecially in the form of work performed and not charged), improved cash flow by shortening the latency of payments and let the firm satisfy its Clients’ requests of detailed reporting with minimum effort.

Application Hosting Management Communica Group
Application Hosting Management - Communica Group
Application Hosting Management

Client: Communica Group / Privare Sector, Press Agency - Online Newspaper ‘Il Journal’
Goal: To supply and manage a highly configured WordPress Platform, able to sustain significant peaks of traffic.
Technology: Virtual servers based on Linux, hosted on ICOA’s infrastructure.
Achievement: The number and the arrangement of the servers have been changed over the time, to adapt to the varying patterns of usage: the blogs, now united under the heading of the ‘Il journal’ were first displayed as distinct web sites and as sections of the larger portal ‘Libero’.
ICOA has always provided prompt support, tweaks and resources (processing, bandwidth) to meet the demands, thus delivering continuous operation and high perfomance and allowing the Client to focus on its core business of producing contents and selling advertising.
The involvement of ICOA in this project is growing on the software development, graphics design and marketing sides.

Design/Marketing Bruno Lumbroso
Design/Marketing - Bruno Lumbroso
Web Design & Web Marketing

Client: Prof. Bruno Lumbroso / Private Sector, Medical
Target: To make available to the general public and to promote the scientific production of Prof. Bruno Lumbroso, pioneer of laser therapy for the treatment of severe eye pathologies.
Technology: A new web site, content editing, SEO/SEM activity and Google Adwords campaigns design and management.
Achievement: The Client’s targets have been surpassed and the mandate to ICOA has been renewed ever since, extending its scope.

Design/Marketing Costa degli Ulivi
Design/Marketing - Costa degli Ulivi
Web Design & Web Marketing

Client: Costa degli Ulivi / Private Sector, Turism
Goal: To redesign from scratch the whole on line communication strategy, encompassing all the Group’s web sites, and display the services and locations of the different hotels at their best.
Technology: For the web sites, we have used standard content management systems (Joomla and WordPress) to keep the costs down. We have edited the contents, to improve their effectiveness on the web, and perfomed SEO activity to improve the positioning of the sites.
Achievement: The Client’s web sites now enjoy optimal positioning in their market while the overall expense has been kept to a minimum.